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Thank you for you interest in the Dudok Quartet Amsterdam. Our main motive in asking for your support is that we want to be more than a string quartet that is only concerned with high-end performances of well-known pieces in familiar venues. As Friend of the Dudoks, you can help us to become what we wish to be; an instrument that continues to uphold the vital position of one of the most important musical genres in history.


Under the motto sharing the heart of music we create unique and eclectic programmes, which enable us to reach our audience in innovative ways. We believe that a wonderful concert consists of more than just excellent playing. Therefore we are constantly looking for unexpected cross connections within the Western musical canon from the Middle Ages up until today. Our ambition is to anchor the great, ground-breaking string quartet music in the hearts of our audience. As a friend you can contribute to our mission in an essential way. If you are interested in becoming a friend of the Dudoks, please contact us here via



INSTRUMENTARIUM We have learned from experience that using equipment from the period that the music was composed helps us enormously with our interpretation. That’s why we play Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven with ‘transitional’ bows. We also chose for wound gut strings that sound richer than steals strings, even though they unfortunately have to be replaced every two months or so. In 2020, we started experimenting with baroque bows for renaissance and baroque music, and with full gut strings.

INNOVATIVE FORMS OF PRESENTATION With a project called Opus 20 we explored ideas around how to deepen the experience of live concerts, and how to make the memory last longer. A famous Dutch writer, Anna Enquist, wrote an essay especially for our concerts about what Haydn’s music means for us as today’s listeners. Also, one of the quartet members gives a personal insight into the music we play and how we work as a string quartet.  Audience research revealed that this format works very well, and we decided to continue our developments. During the coming few years, we are inviting new writers to shed their light on Brahms, Shostakovich and whoever comes next.

EXPERIMENT We love to experiment. Our aim is to perform at least one première per year. Furthermore, we enrich our programmes with our own arrangements from Rameau to Hungarian folk music. We work together with inspiring top musicians such as Erik Bosgraaf and Michaela Riener in our production Artemisia. This is a semi-staged concert with a touch of theater about the dramatic life and art of 17th century painter Artemisia Gentileschi.

INTERNATIONALISATION In order to achieve a sustainable career, our musical profile all over the world is very important. Tours have been scheduled to Scotland, The United States, Sweden and New Zealand. However, travelling is expensive and often travel and visa expenses are not reimbursed.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Our presence on stage reveals only about ten percent of our work. Next to our daily rehearsals we spend a lot of time developing new programmes. Each season we take one of the highlights of the string quartet literature as our main focus. During the past few years our fundamental pieces have been string quartets by Ligeti, Beethoven and Haydn.  In the coming season we will bring the focus to Brahms and Shostakovich. We immerse ourselves  in the non-musical context of the piece and we search for inventive ideas for pieces that match the central piece. On a regular basis we have lessons with a renowned string quartet teacher. Our goal is to be able to internalize the music deeply so that we can share it with our audience in the best possible way.


Friends the Dudok Quartet Amsterdam are closely involved with the quartet. We share our plans and developments with you and we keep you up to date with how your personal support is being used. Are you interested in becoming a Friend of the Dudok Quartet? Please contact us!

You can also make a single donation. The IBAN for our foundation (Stichting Dudok Kwartet) is NL47 INGB 0006 4975 92

Stichting Dudok Kwartet Amsterdam is a cultural ANBI (Dutch equivalent of PBO). You can read all about the tax benefits in the Netherlands via this link that will lead you to the website of the Dutch tax authorities.