Labyrinth – Mozart, Ligeti, Bach
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Labyrinth – Mozart, Ligeti, Bach

Mozart and Ligeti: you may not have expected this combination on one album. Why has the Dudok Kwartet Amsterdam chosen to put works by these diverse composers together on one recording?

Both composers have created a musical labyrinth: Ligeti using dense structures that allow you to get lost, Mozart using treacherously simple fugues in which you unnoticeably lose your way. And J.S. Bach’s canons are the link between these two quartets.

These musical puzzles served as inspiration for Mozart’s counterpoint as well as (if not more so) for Ligeti’s micropolyphony.

– Dudok Quartet Amsterdam, from the booklet notes

Ligeti – String Quartet No. 2

Live recording at Concertgebouw Amsterdam, 21 November 2015. In the concert, parts of Ligeti’s quartet were alternated with short works by other composers. More info

‘The Dudok Quartet responds brilliantly to all the facets of Ligeti’s persona. Both the Mozart and the Bach make fascinating companion pieces.’

— BBC Music Magazine —

‘Mozart, Ligeti, Bach? A curious combination but one suggested to the impressive Dudok Quartet Amsterdam. A neat idea.’

— The Observer 4/5* —

‘Careful articulations and suitable phrasings make sure that the Dudok Quartet hold their own amidst the world’s top quartets.’

— Luister —

‘Dudok approaches both composers with the same devotion and wealth of sound, without weakening stylistic details.’

— NRC —


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