REFLECTIONS – Shostakovich, Bacewicz
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REFLECTIONS – Shostakovich, Bacewicz

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“As a string quartet of the 21st century, we are searching for the meaning of the music we perform. Our goal is to convey the image which emanates from the music in the most authentic way.”

The music by Dmitri Shostakovich has been both renounced and embraced. The receptive history of his music has been coloured by the fierce battle between supporters and opponents of his music to this day. On their new album REFLECTIONS, the Dudok Quartet Amsterdam presents a plea for ambiguity in music of the 20th century.

The Dudoks themselves grew up within a musical climate which rendered contradictions absolute and left little room for polyphony. Modernism or conservatism, submission or resistance, craftsmanship or creativity: both with Shostakovich and Grażyna Bacewicz these oppositions manifest themselves as a key element of their compositional process. The music which flowed from their pencils therefore still compels a 21st century audience to relate to its own doubts and uncertainties; a conclusive interpretation would only marginalize a different possibility.

Both the main works of this album offer the musicians an exuberant roller coaster ride. In terms of ensemble playing and instrumental mastery, the music demands extreme measures from the players, leading to a breath-taking and multi-layered listening experience for the audience. To link the string quartets by Shostakovich and Bacewicz together, the members of the Dudok Quartet immersed themselves in their compositional style and techniques. Writing and recording new arrangements of Shostakovich’s Preludes for piano Op.34 gave the Dudoks a chance to relive the compositional process in a new and enhanced way. This recording features the world première of these new arrangements.

Reflections – Album trailer

Interviews and behind-the-scenes footage captured during the recording sessions for our album REFLECTIONS. This album releases worldwide digitally and as a CD on November 25th 2022!

Shostakovich – Prelude Op. 34 no. 10 in C-sharp minor

This prelude was arranged by the Dudok Quartet Amsterdam and features on our album Reflections, alongside six other preludes from the same Opus 34 set, as well as Shostakovich’s 5th String Quartet and the 4th String Quartet by Grażyna Bacewicz

★★★★ 1/2 | ★★★★ 1/2
'Das Dudok Quartet hat wirklich etwas zu sagen – und tut das auch mit einer Energie und Hingabe, die selbst auf Tonträger so packend wirkt, als säße man mittendrin.'

Fono Forum

'The Dudok Quartet are dynamic and nuanced'

BBC Music Magazine

'Fantastic performance by the Dudok Quartet'

Dagblad van het Noorden

'The Dudok Quartet emphasizes the contrasts in Bacewicz and Shostakovich with a refined expressivity'

De Volkskrant (Best Albums of 2022)

'The most perfectly balanced of interpretations – bittersweet, fierce, singing and jabbing'

The Arts Desk

'Contrasts and echoes between the two are winningly explored by this fine quartet.'

The Guardian

'A young award-winning quartet on characterful form.'

The Strad

'Bacewicz' 4th String Quartet invokes recessed listening. It's passing andante halfway through the opening movement, for example, is magnificent.'

NRC (Best Dutch Albums 2022)

'It is their versatile expressiveness that makes this such an appealing performance.'

De Standaard


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