WHAT REMAINS – Roukens, Reich & Messiaen
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WHAT REMAINS – Roukens, Reich & Messiaen

Ons album What Remains: Roukens, Reich & Messiaen verschijnt op 30 juni 2023 bij Rubicon Classics!

The title What Remains of String Quartet No. 4 (2019) by Joey Roukens can be understood in various ways. On a poetic level, the words correspond to the character of the music, which often seems to hark back to ‘something remaining’ from a previous era – ruins, ghosts, scraps or memories. This interpretation, both of the words and of the music itself, marked the beginning of the associative exploration that led to this album of the same title. A fascinatingly curated program from the Dudok, drawing on music from the 13th, 14th and 16th centuries, with 20th century works by Messiaen and Reich, and into the 21st century with the work that provides the album’s title, the 4th String Quartet by Roukens, commissioned by the Dudok Quartet. Both Reich and Roukens were influenced by Gregorian chant, and the early organum and polyphonic music that followed. Time, travel, locomotion – journeys through time and the memories of these journeys all come together on this thrilling new album from the Dudok Quartet, Amsterdam.


Onze muzikale wereld strekt zich ver voorbij de concertzaal uit. Nieuwe ideeën, ontdekkingen, of gewoon genieten van pure schoonheid: in de nieuwsbrief bundelen we het overzichtelijk voor u samen.